Coaching with Sully guides you to identify, solidify, and achieve your personal and/or professional goals. Providing clarity and accountability throughout your journey. Sully will work with you to define and design your next steps in your career and life. Your coaching experience will be customized to focus on the areas where you feel stuck or just need more inspiration to get moving forward again.


One-on-One Coaching

Sully offers one-on-one personal attention with a customized coaching program to help you overcome obstacles on your path to success. Coaching can be a great solution to those who are in transition or feel “stuck” in their life or business.

Setting Goals that Matter

Sully works with you to set effective goals using techniques that actually work.

Time Management

Time management isn’t just a deadline. One of the truths of time management is that everything takes longer than originally anticipated. Sully helps you to understand time management and how to implement it into your daily routines.

The Sales Process

Understanding every detail of the sales process is critical for sales professionals. Together we will “map” the entire sales process, identify areas of needed improvement, and lock in guardrails to keep the process on track.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a multi-faceted topic with beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels. Lead generation is a skill that is acquired along with mastering other techniques such as time management, networking, process improvement and rapport building.

Preparation 101

How prepared are you, really? We will address the minute details of preparation that some feel are superfluous, however, you may find that a moment of planning saves an hour of your time later.


Learning the art and science of becoming a master networker is the easiest path to more satisfied clients and a never-ending supply of leads. Sully will help you overcome your fears of a crowd with tips and techniques that you can incorporate into your networking along with the science that makes networking events and opportunities actually fun and profitable. We’ll explore the 3 Foot Rule.

Managing Upward

This is a unique skill that is easy to learn and hard to implement. Have you ever wanted to assign tasks to your boss or to a senior member of your team? Learn how to manage projects “up” for better results.


Embracing the EBI mentality. “Even better if” removes emotions associated with blame, rejection, defensiveness, accusation, and criticism. Turning a criticism into a positive experience, for not only the individual but the team, makes you a better leader and highlights your positive nature with prospects, clients and your team.

Failure is Just the Beginning

Aren’t you glad that human beings don’t quit after the first time they fail? Or none of us would have learned to walk. Sully will talk about how failure and rejection can be the catalyst to even greater success. Separating fear from failure is a mindset that can be learned.

Building Rapport

Building rapport is not just the art of small talk. Fostering a genuine interest in people will have a direct positive impact on your business.


An accountability partner is someone with whom we share our commitments, knowing that they will hold us accountable and responsible for executing what we told them we would do by when we said we would do it. As your accountability partner I have your best interests at heart. That accountability relationship will help you to continue to move forward with your goals.